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Varnish and Colour for Car and Industry

Your supplier for complete varnish and colour system with 30 years of experience!

Our products get the best results for professional application in the areas of vehicles (car repair and car production), industry (containers, machines, iron wares, boats, ships,
trucks and truck follower) on basis of acrylate or polyurethane coatings – either as one- or two-components or since 1991 as HS (high solid) coatings with good corrosion resistance.

Each of our products disposes of the following qualities:
1) The highest quality by using raw materials of high quality made in Germany
2) Ecologically friendly because of low solvents by high solid contents)
3) Long life by high corrosion resistance in spite of low coating thickness
4) Big elasticity (from little to not at all polishing  – smooth surface) and processing at low temperatures (is dried without warmth, partially up to below -20°C/-4°F). Because of too short drying times the processing times are reduced distinctly.
Our qualitatively high class and ecologically friendly products allow an effective working and consequently save time and money.
Theses characteristics were already confirmed by numerous tests (under others
Florida test, Nordic test).


Auto Coatings

BASIC colour:

1) 2K HS Acrylic Primer Surfacer (G7060)

This is two-components acrylate-based primer and surfacer. It is easily sanded,
has excellent anti-corrosion qualities and is suitable as a filler for all polished and cleaned surfaces. It is normally produced in the tones yellow and gray, can be tinted, no shrinking.
- can be used as filler
- has high protection against corrosion
- has low solvents due to its high solid contents (HS 70-75%)
- has good filling capacity
- can be easily sanded
- no shrinking
- can be used in temperatures up to +4°C (+39.2°F)
- has rapid-drying
- can be sanded and over-painted within 1-3 hours at +20°C (+68°F) or 20-30 minutes  
  at +60°C (+140°F)
- is available in yellow and gray
- can be tinted

2) 2K HS Car Varnish (A10-)

This is a High Solid, two-components, acrylate-based varnish. It has high-solid contents
(72-82%) which has excellent filling capacity and is weather resistant.
It is made by high quality resin and pigments which was tested two years in Florida in resistance against turning yellow.

It is resistant against gasoline, oil, solvents and most of acids.

2K HS Car Varnish has the following qualities:
- has low solvent contents because of high solid contents (72-82%)
- has high filling capacity
- has excellent weather resistance
- has long-lasting brightness
- has good adhesive power – no shrinking
- has rapid drying process at low temperatures

3) 2K HS Clear Coat (K128-)

2K HS clear coat is a highly bright two-components clear coat on the basis of acrylate which is distinguished by too high solid contents. It was tested for entire 2 years in Florida without turning yellow. Further, the varnish remained elastic. It is resistant to gasoline, oil, solvents and most of acids.

The Two-components-metallic coat of varnish
- is acrylic based
- has solid contents of 72%
- no turning yellow
- remains elastic
- has high resistance to chemicals


Varnish and Colour for Industry


1)1K 2K Universally polishing and basic colour (GU7050)

It is one-component universally primer which dries quickly, is with good corrosion protection and can be easily sanded.  

One can apply it also as two components primer for getting good resistance to
chemicals and solvents. It colour dries at low temperatures.

The universally primer for industrial applications:
- The basic colour and primer for corrosion prevention are specially suitable for metal,    
  aluminium, galvanized metal, plastic, wood and suitable for low outside temperatures    
  (processing to -20°C/-4°F) as well as one-component and two-components applicable.
- has solid contents 60%
- quickly drying
- can be sanded in 30-60 minutes at +20°C/68°F) or over-coated (depending on the layer  
-  dries at low temperatures in one hour as well
-  can be easily sanded
-  has good adhesion capacity
-  high corrosion resistance
-  resistant to weather
-  is specially resistant as two-components to solvent

2) Industrial UNI Primer (G7080)

This is an universal epoxy-polyurethane primer which  is designed specially for wet-on-wet using. It has excellent adhesion capacity, exceptional elasticity and dries within 45-60 minutes.

- It is a corrosion-resistant and sanding primer which adheres well on problematic  
  ground (aluminum, galvanized sheet metal, hard plastic)
- has high protection to corrosion, even on a thin layer
- can be processed by -20°C (-4°F)
- has rapid-drying even at low temperatures -20°C (-4°F) in 45-60 minutes
- is extremely elastic
- wet-on-wet over-coating
- available in gray and green
- tested according to EU norms – DIN 53209, ISO 24096988

3) 2K HS Industrial Topcoat (T1200)
It is a two-components acrylate-based topcoat which dries rapid and adheres well even
at low working temperature. It is even more ecologically friendly than other topcoat systems
due to its high solid contents (over 70%).

The characteristics:
- quick-drying within 60 minutes
- can be used even at low temperatures up to -20°C (-4°F)
- is ecologically friendly because it only contains low solvent (solid contents 70-80%)
- has high filling capacity
- adheres well even on difficult surfaces
- is available at matt or high gloss
- is available in all colours
- was tested according to EU norm DIN 53209, ISO 240969988


Test results of our varnish and colour products

Our products were tested according to EU norms (DIN, ISO, German institutes for Standardization) and to American norms (ASTM).
2K car and acrylate-based filler:
according to DIN 50017, 53209
to ISO 2409, 2815, 3231 and 9227
to ASTM D610
to CSN EN 24624, CSN 67 3081, 3082, 3052, 3076

2K acrylate-based filler and industrial acrylate-based varnish:
according to DIN 50017, 53209
to ISO 9227, 3231, 2409
to ASTM D610

2K UNI primer and industrial varnish:
according to DIN 53209
to ISO 2409 and 6988
to ASTM D610
to SCN EN 24624


Additional products

4) Hardener

a)  2K quick hardener 2:1 H5280-050
it is used in the line of car varnish, clear coat, transparent filling mass

b) 2K normal hardener 2:1 H5281-050
it is used in the line of industrial varnish, car varnish,
clear coat, UNI Primer

Acrylate-based thinner  Z3280-050

is suitable for all products

Technical data sheets and security data sheets
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