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We supply first class products of the driving techniques

Our V-belts are specially made for pretentious users of driving elements.
Eine besondere Rolle spielen folgende Qualitätsmerkmale:

  • pretentious quality of product
  • practical types for users simplifying essentially the use of V-belts.
  • Our V-belts are delivered in a variety of special types suitable for each use.
  • It will be important for you that we can deliver these special types in reasonable quantities and within time.

  • "Delivery in Sets"

    Our belts can be assembled into sets without measuring or assorting. Length tolerances are generally substantially lower than the matched set tolerances requested by standards.

    Standard characteristics

  • Our V-belts are (anti-static)
  • hardly inflammable
  • admissible for mining and chemical industry
  • heat-resistant up to 70° C (UNICOG up to 120° C)
  • resistant to many oils and chemicals
  • cold-resistant up to-35° C
  • specially low elongation
  • length-constant with heat and humidity and considerably suitable for tropics.
  • Special constructions

    You will hardly find a special drive for that we can not present a very best solution. Please send us your requests in every case, if you have special driving problems. We are indicating some special constructions that are used very often as follows:

    Electrical conductivity and hard inflammables

    Our V-belts generally produced in the a.m. constructions.
    If you need for these types a certificate and corresponding stamping ("antistatic" respectively "Contraflam") we will examine each V-belt corresponding to the prescriptions and stamp the belt conformingly.
    Surcharge: 20%

    Construction for expansion roller

    We supply V-belts in a construction guaranteeing an extremely high transmission of power and being yet resistant to expansion rollers.
    Furthermore, these V-belts are heat-resistant up to 120°C and considerably resistant to oil,grease and acids. ( UNICOG SPEZIAL )
    Surcharge: 50%

    Construction extremely low elongation

    We supply V-belts with special tensile members having - in comparison with the standard construction having already a low elongation - double breaking strength with about 15p.c. of its elongation at rupture.
    Especially suitable for high impact loads, strong oscillations and high speeds of belts. (Kevlar under other things )
    Surcharge: corresponding to construction 50 % respectively 150 %

    Please send us your requests concerning minimal quantities for all special constructions and special lengths.